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December 27th, 2012, 06:25
Originally Posted by Mr Smiley View Post
Again: An easy mode would not "destroy" or even alter the game for anybody who wants a challenge. It would not prevent you from playing the hard mode. (No, really, it wouldn't.) It would let players decide how much time they wish to spend completing the game.
There is only an easy mode. They need to add a hard mode. You're just bad.

Oh, "QQ I don't have the time or interest to learn how to play I just want to be instantly good" - classic mindset of a cheater in games. Why don't you go download some hacks. So many games ruined by hackers who want their fucking easy mode.

No offense, Noting personal… It's just "make darksouls easy" is really not something you can say and expect any respect. You obviously just don't get it. Dark Souls difficulty isn't your real issue; nerdrage is.

Anyway, to add something nice… Dukes Archives is pretty near the end. It really sucks to hear you got 70 extra hours entertainment from your RPG but you should have it won in another 3. Besides you'll find you do it a LOT faster your 2nd playthrough.

So here's a mini game guide you can use to give you powerful knowledge you can then use to tailor the experience and make it easier.

☺You gotta kill Seath in the crystal area outside dukes.
☺You gotta kill Nito in the Tomb of Giants (catacomb)
☺You gotta kill 4 kings in new londo ruins. (need Sif grey wolfs ring)
☺You gotta kill some tree thing in that fire area past queelag.

Put the 4 souls in the pot then go kill the final boss.

If you have trouble there's an amazingly detailed wiki and youtube videos for every single weapon, bossfight, secret, etc who will hold your hand all the way to victory. No cheats, developer included or not, required.
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