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December 27th, 2012, 11:06
It is actually. Somewhere quite close to perfect, that is.
Like every game in existence, it has some issues, of course.
Sure, it's close to perfect if you like that particular sparse and barren feel with narrow gameplay (we're talking EXCLUSIVELY combat) and almost no lore. I guess you do, but I don't - not really.

It's like a serious blast from the past with strong visuals and a great combat system, but with similarly limited content and a one-trick pony delivery of what's there.

Originally Posted by DeepO View Post
I think there´s nothing really archaic about
a) filling a game world with opponents of different strengths and other characteristics
b) putting in some challenges one has to overcome to proceed further
You mean filling your world with opponents that can be overcome through skilled execution of combat abilities - and then putting in obvious over-sized obstacles as a means of gating content?

Yeah, that's archaic - as it was among the first concepts to arrive in game design - and it could really use a disappearing act.

Note that that's just my opinion. I'm sick and tired of facing a huge mean beastie at the end of whatever road, as it's so fucking predictable. I'd like an ending that was just a prolonged interactive story sequence or a cerebrally challenging/engaging experience, or maybe a very easy fight because I've gotten so very powerful.

Anything but yet another boss fight.

In the whole game there´s a single boss fight (a certain Bed) that I´d put into this "puzzly" category of yours.
Then there´s one (a certain demon with dogs) that, at least according to my experience, is set up in such a way that luck plays bigger role in it than it in my opinion should.
I put puzzle in quotations marks, because I'm not talking about actual puzzles but fights where you need to discover some clever mechanism or whatever - they're just not about applying your combat experience. I like combat to be about the experience of fighting with your arsenal and applying what you've learned throughout the game. As for Dark Souls, I admit I never got very far in it. I played Demon's Souls about halfway through, though, and people are telling me it's pretty much the same thing except with more non-linearity. I guess the boss fights are different?

Overcoming the other ones is all about tactics, common sense and good eye .
Well, if you say so. In Demon's Souls - it was about figuring out what "gamey" thing you had to avoid so you could overcome the boss. Very much like the typical shooter end-boss fight. It was never about applying your normal arsenal. Also, some of the bosses could be exploited - which is another typical weakness of boss fight challenges.

That's not to say the monsters weren't designed with great care and skill - and I can easily sympathise with people getting enthralled with a harsh and intricate combat system and beautiful world design. It's just not enough for me.

It's almost like they have everything in place except the actual content - unless you consider endless fights and elusive bits of spooky spoken lore content.

We got the great combat and the wonderful world design - but where's the actual GAME? You know what I mean?




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