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December 27th, 2012, 15:45
@Tuco, I don't understand your hostility, I am just expressing my opinion not hating on yours. Bethesda is my fav company, and it is a lot of people fav company you can think we don't know rpg's or whatever that is fine. There are always going to be small specialized community's that differ with a certain point of view , there is always going to be a niche group with very specialized taste. You can always just dismiss anyone that disagrees with you and just say that don't know any better, even if its an overwhelming number of people, including game critics, industry people, the average gamer, whatever.

I happen to agree with the mass(critics and gamers) when it comes to TES and the Fallouts. You don't fair enough. But I am not brash washed, I just think they make open world rpg's better than anyone else, and open world rpg's are my fav games. I did not put 100's hours into those games because of some critic, or some award or some sales figures I saw, I put them in because how much fun they are and how super customizable they are.
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