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December 27th, 2012, 16:13
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
The first season is terrible, truly. However, already in the second season - things start to change. You definitely should give it another go.
Yeah if someone has trouble getting into the series I've actually recommended entirely skipping the first season before. If you can't be bother to slog through the awfulness that is the first season, then its better to skip it and start on the second season because from that point on it gets better and better and dramatically so.

All you really need to know from the first season are a few key things. The wormhole, which is inhabited by incredibly powerful energy beings that have a strong tie to Bejor, is connected to the gamma quadrant. For reasons not yet revealed they have chosen Commander Sisko as their emmisary which gives him some leverage in negotiating with the Bejorans as they worship the wormhole entities as prophets. Little is known about the gamma quadrant except the entire region appears to be under the control of a single authoritarian regime referred to as the Dominion. That's about it - knowing that you can start with the second season and skip most of the goofiest stuff. Also, you can usually skip a Jake Sisko episode but some of them are actually really good in later seasons (only one or two though.)

I am not a particularly die-hard trek fan as the almost saccarinly sweet and perfect nature of the Federation at times seemed boring to me. If the one-dimensionality of the federation has always been slightly dissapointing to you in Treks then you will be pleasantly suprised as DS9 goes on as it does at times get incredibly dark by Star Trek standards.

It does at times also aknowledge and deal with some of the overuse of tropes in past star treks - particularly "holding back the phlebotinum". When the Federation goes to war for its survival, things like replicators transporters and their cloaking ban all come up in interesting ways. Ever find it odd that the Federation didn't use transporting self-replicating munitions or sniper rifles that transported physical projectiles inside their targets? Well turns out they do think of using those things. Ever wonder why they didn't use fleet combat tactics, fighter wings, and engage in battles using dozens of capitol ships flanked by support vessels? Well they do now.
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