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December 27th, 2012, 15:43
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It doesn't though. It just shows how the ideal vision can be challenged when questions of survival come to the forefront. The ideals are challenged and there are those who toss them aside, but in the end they don't win out. It also shows how less than ideal people live up to that vision - sometimes in less than ideal ways.
Yeah, I think it does - because it reduces many of the characters to current day standards and ways of thinking. That's not to say they're not honorable or admirable people - but that's not really the point.

The point is that the Trek future is very different, and people have evolved beyond what would be considered petty behavior.

I have no interest in a large debate about this - but if you compare Sisko with Picard - it should be very clear. Picard is a very accurate depiction of what Roddenberry had in mind for the future of humanity - and Sisko is more like a modern day noble character with modern day notions. Well, harshly put - but there it is.

I understand that people consider DS9 more plausible - and it certainly would be, if the future doesn't change much. But as a Trek show - I think it goes against Roddenberry at least as much as it gets behind his ideas.

The reason I prefer TNG above all others is that it's the closest to the optimistic future of Trek - and which TOS could never manage to do, because it was made with a lot of pressure and in a completely different environment. Kirk is not a true depiction of a future captain as Roddenberry envisioned one - because he couldn't be under those conditions.

TNG is far from perfect, but they really tried to stay true to the vision and they understood the vision.

DS9 is an attempt at making Trek more plausible and "gritty" - and lots of people fell for it because it seemed easier to relate to. I just don't agree with people that it's better. I also happen to think the resolution of the story arc in the last few episodes was weak and underwhelming.




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