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December 27th, 2012, 17:14
Yeah the Aurthurian stuff at the end was a bit odd. And alright I get what you're saying if you feel the lead characters deviate from the ideal men and women of Roddenberry's vision. I find flawed heroes more interesting, but I can see how that might not be what one thinks of as part of the proper Trek formula for main characters.
I'm not really talking about flawed versus perfect characters. All the characters of TNG are flawed in some ways, but their flaws are the flaws of the depicted future.

They might seem minor to us today, but that's because the standard is different.

So, while I can fully appreciate why people are more engaged by the characters of DS9 and find them more "human" - I think I appreciate the core of Trek more than many - and I can accept that characters will be somewhat harder to relate to because of that.

Also, my favorite character is Spock - and I think his character is the heart of the entire concept of Trek and its future. The struggle between passion and logic - and how focusing on logic is the sacrifice of passion we're going to have to make, to improve the world around us. Something the characters of DS9 are not really willing to do.




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