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December 27th, 2012, 17:54
In my All-Time-Favourite Game "Fate - Gates of Dawn" you could recruit up to 28 Characters, but you had to split them in parties up to 7. Each Character needed food and water and skills had to be bought on level-up, so each member was a noticable burden for the income - at least until I found a mana-fountain and had a Alchemist who had the Gold-Rain-Spell

A Explorer-Party, that would run around in the wilderness during the day and a Dungeoncrawler-Group, that worked at night was a good solution; especially since time moved on and your Group - and your fixed main-hero - aged (well, there was a fountain of youth somewhere). I never finished it though - I blame the strange copy-protection, that never told you if you insert something wrong, but simply removed plot-relevant things - and the game had really epic proportions…

It was only released on Amiga and Atari ST


And the english version was censored; my german Discs got corrupted after a few years and I only could get an english version; I also couldn't get a workable german version for WinUAE
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