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December 27th, 2012, 18:10
Finished this last night at errr…. 4:40AM.

I'm going to give this a B. I loved the game overall but there are some pretty glaring defects, particularly with the quest designs. There are far too many quest "conditions" that the game seems to check for and combinations of conditions that leave quests broken. I had around 7-8 dead quests in my journal, confirmed online that dialog options were never going to happen to close them out.

Also… about that Teleporter Pyramids quest. Not much of a spoiler but here it is:

Here is my beef with this quest. There is *no* option to avoid the quest assignment. However it is extremely easy to end up sh*t out of luck and never finish this one. Again, it has to do with "quest preconditions" that allow you to progress this one. Then, of course, you get whisked away to a region never to return which leaves this one broken as well.

Its just bad design. I probably spent 2-3 extra hours hoofing it around pointlessly because I couldn't complete that quest. It made endgame a total frustration.

Finally…. Josephina. Are you kidding? There needs to be some kind of guidance to defeating something that uber powerful. Her spam attacks and casting are far beyond mortal fingers on keyboard. To make matters worse the first encounter is like trying to fight in a shoebox. This also created a game stopping bug as your enemy can vanish into the wall, again quest failure, again reload old save.

The game has tons going for it. I love the ambiance, the addictive game play, the humor and the setting… but I'm having some difficulty getting beyond some of the bad design choices and *clearly* poor play testing.

This thing needed several more patches. I really hope Beyond Divinity isn't as buggy as this. I'm going to play it despite my issues with Divine Divinity but it is with some hesitation…
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