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December 27th, 2012, 20:05
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I'll tell you what zahratustra, you go back and read the thread. Catch yourself up. Make sure you know what the discussion is about. Then you can come back and dazzle us with your wisdom, m'kay?

Of course, b. could just as easily mean that the original challenging experience is the one that gets half-assed. Which is the reasonable result of trying to change or expand your audience. It's also what the people who LOVE these games are so terribly afraid of.

Most easy modes I come across are just half asses stat changes, which is fine by me. Simply increase the amount of dmg the PC does or the decrease amount of DMG the pc takes is all that is need for most games. I personally hate it when games alter other things, for example enemy A.I. But normally difficulty settings are simple changing of some stats, not difficult to implement and quite fine for most gamers. Plus this simply kind of change can be scale easily either way, so you can have a harder mode as well, which I am sure would appeal to many in the core crowd that likes the game.

The other slightly more involved accessibility feature that I think all games should have, but completely understand them not having it, is the bypass or game plays for you feature. For example in RDR if you fail a mission enough times you can just skip it, or for some Mario games, die enough and you get the option for the game to just play the level through for you.

People play games differently, I know for some its difficult to understand how anyone would want to, or enjoy Dark Soul that was not as difficult. But people have different taste. I don't understand people who constantly use fast travel in TES/Fallout games, one of things I most like about the games is the exploring, to me using fast travel to get everywhere just undermines one of the best things about the game.

I know many on the TES boards that would agree, but I also know even more that love using the feature a lot. And I know some that say they can't help themselves and have to use a mod to turn it off. Strange to me(esp the can't help themselves crowd, that say they don't like it, but use it anyway) but its not my game, not my life.

I don't like very hard games, I play games to relax, there just a fun diversion, for me reading a book, playing an instrument, learning a language or taking online classes to learn about new things our outlets I use to challenge myself. I have played plenty of games on easy or very easy mode and was quite happy with the experience. Based on the reviews, videos,etc I have seen of Dark Souls it looks like a game I would enjoy if I only did not die so much and I think I am pretty good at knowing what I like to play.
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