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December 27th, 2012, 22:48
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Kefka, I agree with you that, in some kinds of games, that approach to difficulty makes perfect sense. However, Souls is basically nothing a but a series of challenges. There aren't towns. There isn't much narrative. The series of events is quite linear, so it's not really that open-ended for exploration. This game is basically nothing but a series of challenges.

Above, I compared it to an Adventure game. I mean, how would you make an Easy mode for an adventure game without either making it worthless or designing a second game? The same is basically true of Dark Souls. Different scenes are combat puzzles of sorts that you need to solve. It's not like Skyrim where a simple shift of stats results in broadly the same experience at a different difficulty level. I forget who said it, but someone said something along the lines of "In a game built around learning, taking out the learning leaves you with nothing." I think that's true of Souls.

Honestly, if you don't like challenge, I don't know what you want from Souls. There are plenty of action RPGs built for people who aren't looking for that level of challenge. That's all Souls is. As Dartagnan is (to some extent) pointing out, this -is- what the game is. There's not a lot else to it.
But again I have read briefly some of the cheat engine forums regarding those modding the game and many seem quite pleased. I have heard from many people on forums who played the game and kinda liked it but quit because they died to much, if they only died less it would have been fun. It may seem strange to you, but people have different taste.

You can see this with Beth's games, many people mod them to something I would find unplayable and terrible but there quite happy.

@Vurt, Oblivion has my fav combat in rpg's along with Beth's Fallout's(for real time at least, the Final Fantasy's might be my fav overall). And Skyrim is just an enhance version of that combat. People have different tastes.

I find it highly unlikely that game review scores would have changed if there was an easy mode, they might might change for the better but almost certainly not for the worse. It would take nothing away from the game, it would only add to the game for some people. Esp since a simple stat change easy mode, almost certainly means a hard mode as well, which I think would go over quite well with many DS fans.

Easy mode would be done like most other games that have different difficulty settings simple stat changes, e.g, deal more dmg, take less, etc. And of course with easy mode there would also be hard more, where you deal less dmg, or take more whatever, which like I said above I am sure would appeal to many in the core audience that likes Dark Souls.
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