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December 28th, 2012, 06:12
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
It's already in the game, it's called "leveling up". I found the game very (too) difficult before leveling up my character quite a bit..

And yes, i really believe an "easy mode" from the start without much challange (no need to level up even) could really have lowered the overall score from reviewers, in fact i'm 100% sure it would.. It sounds to me like you havent played the game and therefore don't get it.
And I really believe it would have no effect on the score with the possible exception of giving them a slight increase esp since with easy mode, they can throw in a hard mode as well. But that is beside the point. And why would you assume people that are modding the game or want an easy mode want a no challenge mode? I personally hate god modes in games.

The people on cheat engine forums seems to want a range of thing, from slightly easier to a lot easier to god mode. I have read post from many people that have played the game(I already stated earlier I have not) that they like the game but quit as it was too hard, if it was a little easier (not super easy i.e no level up easy) they would really love the game. For me I don't care if some people want god mode, some want very easy, some just less hard.

Its the idea people seem to have expressed in this thread that people can't possible like to play a game differently than me,that Dark Souls only value is the strong difficulty, when I clearly see people who are modding the games difficulty liking it very much. And many people expressing they would like the game who have played it only lower the difficulty. I know I don't like dieing a lot, Dark Soul based on reviews and videos looks neat and I would like to try it, but a less hard version, which I can try because of the mods which is cool, I am use to having to mod games, never played a game I did not want to mod, I am picky.

Its like I said with TES mods, some people mod there games to something that turns some of my fav games into horrible monstrosity's that I would never want to play. People have there own taste, some gamers are simply not able due to disabilities to play Dark Souls at is normal difficulty, some don't want to. Adding a easy mode(and you can throw in a hard mode at the same time) I don't think hurts the game but only helps it, esp with the complementary hard mode.
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