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December 28th, 2012, 15:01
Am I just unlucky? I got three issues in 2 days that I simply can't solve. Well… Not really, but the solutions are… Retarded.

I'm posting just because I think it's worth a shot, if you had something like that maybe you know a better solution.

1. Out of whatever reason, NTFS partition on a HDD turned into RAW. Usually when this happens, the guilty party is corrupted MBR and the solution is to restore it (with Acronis' utils or any freeware util out there, for example testdisk). In this case however, it didn't help, and windows checkdisk also fails to fix it.

According to all data I've found on internet, it's impossible to restore the partition back, but you have to use any file restoring util, get files from the corrupt partition on another disk and then format the corrupt partition. The problematic part here is that file restoring utils show everything, not just files that were yesterday on the partition, but also those that were deleted thousands of years ago. Which means you have to browse files one by one and then save one by one practically.
So, in a way, there is a solution, but it's too painful. Any other possibility?

And no, there are no bad sectors on disk (that was the first thing to check).

2. Like I didn't see enough, I got a certain Fujitsu laptop in my hands. Now… The manufacturer or model is actually irrelevant as I've seen later all over internet the same problem.

Inside it there is a wi fi card Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030. This card, out of thin air, will sometimes function flawlessly. But usually it just doesn't work as it should. It connects to your router, but doesn't allow the internet access. Yes, you connect to your home router, you get the proper IP address and etc, but - no internet access. Driver problem? I bet it is. I did install the lastest one from Intel's site, I've messed with many options that could cause this odd behavior, but nothing helped.

Not only that, everything works fine if I plug an USB wi fi key in the laptop, but hell, if a solution is to buy an addidional wi fi gadget, then shame on Intel, Intel's drivers and money they got for selling it - it's a plain fraud. Maybe however you know a better solution?

3. God save me Dell's laptops. I've had enough problems with those before, and today yet another one happened that got me clueless. OS got busted. Okay, let's reinstall it, right? Yea, the problem is laptop won't boot from CD/DVD drive.
Well, not really a problem - if you turn a USB flash drive into a bootable Windows 7 installer by using the tool Microsoft offers (Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool).

But the problem still exists. The installer flawlessly comes to "completing installation" part and stays there for ages (LED and mouse show that it didn't freeze). I suspect on possibility that for whatever reason Dell's laptop denied the power to USB at a certain moment. And hell - I runned the installation on battery as the "culprit" didn't bring me the power cable!

Now… If it wasn't really USB power issue, a solution can be get HDD out, install it in another machine with working CD/DVD drive ant put it back in the first one, or a better one - get a working CD/DVD drive. For this one I won't cry yet, as I'll retry the installation when I get the power cord.
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