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December 28th, 2012, 15:41
I restarted as you suggested. This game is a bit frustrating though. I balanced my fighter's damage and accuracy and now I can't hit the broad side of a barn with these higher level creatures. For the tougher fights I essentially have to kite with my fighter once his health depletes and nail the creatures with my Death Knights fire attack. This is classic Larian where some skills are marginally useful or broken outright. No play testing, crappy game balance. From what I've read online my fighter should have +6 accuracy +1 damage instead of +3 and +4, which my guy has and can't hit sh*t.

I have a Battlefield Key now, I'm going to have to use it to improve stats and loot. I find myself continuing because its a challenge rather than fun per se. If I could enjoy the setting instead of watching my guys die and chew through potions and food I would enjoy this.
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