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December 28th, 2012, 16:01
Oh a follow up….

Reading the community Strategy Guide apparently the fact that I'm holding a shield negates my 1H slashing skills. So I wasted all my skill points as there is a "One-handed with Shield" skill tree vs. "One-handed".

Again.. WTF? How was I supposed to know that? Not in the manual. You discover this after 6-8 hours of gameplay when a trainer offers it? No indication I'm negating my bonuses?

This makes me rethink my "investment" of time in Larian games.

I found a great critique that mirrors my criticism completely:
Even for as simple as a set up as that, Larian screwed it up utterly. Your weapon proficiencies are laughably redundant.. with a particularly annoying caveat: They don’t overlap. You have weapon proficiencies for one handed and two handed weapons. So, depending on your choice of using a shield, that seems like a no brainer so far. However, there is a specific proficiency for one handed weapons WITH shield. If you train up your 1 handed weapon skills and pick up a shield, your character will automatically use it… thus removing ALL bonus you had for pumping up your 1H weapon skill, since you now fall under the “1H + shield” skill set. If that wasn’t annoying enough, there are weapon proficiencies for each damage type of weapon – slashing, blunt and piercing are the standards, and that you would expect; fighting with a spear and a sword are very different things. However, some weapons deal elemental damage instead of physical damage, and despite the fact that it’s still a spear, a Shadow Spear deals shadow damage, and thus requires its own training in order to wield. Of the 290 skills the box boasts of having, a full 135 are spent in this morass of skill points. Literally, your tree does this:

Handedness (3 types) -> Weapon Type (9 types) -> Bonus attributes (5 types)

Bonus attributes are things like extra accuracy, extra damage, % critical strike, % deathblow and weapon speed. Each attribute can take skill points, and have little benefit for doing so. Bows and Crossbows have similar features, so tack on 10 more skill sucking trees to the pile already produced… and you can gain proficiency in arrow types as well, so that’s 10 MORE skills to do very little.

As a means of offsetting this, you can buy back, at a cost of gold, spent skill points. This wrecks the reality of your training, but considering how badly set up the skill trees are, it’s a blessing. If they had made skills matter, they wouldn’t ever have needed to include this “feature,” but skill buyback is a workaround for sloppy game design, and clearly a concession to annoyed beta testers.

"For Innos!"
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