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December 28th, 2012, 19:30
Originally Posted by vurt View Post
It's already in the game, it's called "leveling up". The mobs and bosses doesnt scale, so that's your "easy mode" right there. Yeah, you have to grind, but the combat is so great that you probably won't mind it.
I hate grinding, even games that have some of my fav combat like the Beth's Fallout's and Oblivion I hate grinding in(and they have my fav action rpg combat ever). The only games I can think of where I actually like the grind are the Final Fantasy's.

But for DS it does not matter because there are mods for the game to make it easier, without having to go the hard route and grind. Another thing, I think there should be in games is a console, if Dark Souls had that I could just auto level my way up to the point where the difficulty is not so bad. But that is another issue(i.e pc games actually having pc options).
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