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December 28th, 2012, 20:32
Saw two movies at the theater in two days:

Last night, I went with hubby, his sis and two of her kids (15 and 12) to see the Hobbit.
In short: What EvilManagedCare said, though the dwarves came rather close to how I imagined them after reading the book all the way back, Thorin included. But I'm a chick myself, so perhaps I tend to imagine more handsome book characters than a guy would … who knows?
Anyway, Thorin was the 2009 Robin Hood TV series Gisborne, and Azog was Spartacus' Crixus … hehehe. When Azog appeared, I expected him to shout 'Capua! Shall I begin?"

So much for the movie I rather liked. Now for the movie I really loved:
I went with Sonny to see Wreck-it Ralph this afternoon. My, that was so retro. And so sweet (heh)! And Turbo was really scary. And all those game characters from way back made me want to play all those games again. And all those virtual sweets of 'Sugar Rush' made me want to play Zool again … ah, the memories. Sonny enjoyed it, too, by the way .
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