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December 28th, 2012, 21:54

Anyone play this game? Just wondering. It got horrid reviews (not that I care), but I played the (too short) demo and I loved it. I actually liked Daggerdale more than Dungeon Siege 3. For some reason Daggerdale really resonated with me. Oh, and the co-op allows you to save your character and all your loot where DS3's co-op doesn't from what I understand.

The skills in Daggerdale really impressed me. D&D must have some really cool skills. Basic stuff but nearly everything I saw I actually wanted to invest in. Compared to other games where the skills don't interest me much at times, it was refreshing to feel that way about the skill system.

The loot looked good too. And best of all, you actually see it on your character when you equip it! For some reason DS3 left this part out. Half the fun is seeing your character in the inventory screen wearing the new gear you just put on. Oh well.

And overall it just feels incredibly nerdy. I can't quite explain it. It's truly "Dungeons & Dragons". I felt like I was revisiting an old friend when I played it.

So yeah, give the demo a shot. It's short, but it gives you an idea of whether you'll like it or not. I would definitely recommend it.

Thoughts? Is there any LEGIT reason that this game got 3/10 and 4/10 reviews? It seems like good fun to me.
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