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December 28th, 2012, 23:04
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Surprised you did not like Morrowind or Oblivion, as the basic idea is the same(if perhaps less refined). And like Skyrim you can customize those games to your taste. Of course you can do so with SR as well and as that game is already closer to your taste so there would be less to mess with. But still there are more mod options already in place for OB and MW. How do you feel about Beth's Fallouts?
I said I wasn't very fond of them, but I wouldn't say I outright don't like them.

Both games had massive issues that were not possible to solve to my satisfaction - and I can't really include mods that were released years later.

Morrowind had an incredibly poor combat system and awful model animations. It had a very dull dungeon design - where everything looked the same. It had a dreary presentation with an awkward topic based conversation system.

Oblivion had poor NPCs and mostly subpar writing, dull level design, pathetic level scaling, immature technology in terms of streaming content and so on.

All TES games until Skyrim had boring character systems with an even more boring leveling experience.

Skyrim solves or improves upon all those issues and is much, much more refined as a combined experience. Some issues remain to a lesser extent - and the biggest problem is the level scaling and a lack of balance. The mid-late game is super easy without mods - even on Master difficulty.

But the vanilla game got me absolutely enthralled for 80 hours or so. The combined experience simply floored me - and it represents the first time the TES formula truly worked in all the important ways. Well, to me anyway.

Fallout games?

I like Fallout 3 a lot - but it needs mods to work properly. It's inferior to Skyrim in most ways - but it does have similarly fantastic exploration. They really crammed a ton of unique content into the various locations - even if the post-apoc setting makes everything look and feel the same.

I'm not a fan of New Vegas - because I think it's a buggy mess, and I think it's downright embarassing in terms of the visual aesthetics and polish. There are SO many misaligned textures/meshes and clipping errors, etc. It was also more directed and less freeform than FO3 - or at least it felt that way. I do like the improved mechanics a lot though, but you can get much better in FO3 with mods - so that doesn't help much. I also think the western setting was a mistake - and I already don't care for the post-apoc setting in general - so that's doubly bad.




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