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December 28th, 2012, 23:20
Sadly, I haven't been exposed to much D&D stuff. I never had the board games or anything. But I did play D&D Heroes for the original Xbox with my dad, and that game was pure class. We also played Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance which uses the same rules if I'm not mistaken? That was another fun one.

The new rules in Daggerdale seem very cool, from the little I got to experience. Like I said, the skills and character customization aspects are wonderful. Bunch of skills/abilities/passive traits to choose from to customize your character. For some reason that really hit home for me, mostly because I actually liked all the abilities at my disposal.

But yeah, at least check out the demo. If you like what you get from the demo, I'm sure the full game is that much better. We'll be playing it and I'll report back sometime later with more details.
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