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December 29th, 2012, 00:04
Currently installed and playing (or not playing ) the following

- Dragon Age Origins Ultimate: Played through all of the origin stories. Got a level 4 elf mage as my main and currently in Lothering so pretty early into the game still. This is my main game at the moment.

- Deus Ex Human Revolution: Still need to finish this game some time. I quite like it (the gameplay) generally but I can't really identify with the main character which took away my motivation to keep pushing through to the end. Well… one day… maybe…

- Diablo 3: Still not finished. I think I and my Witch Doc got stuck somewhere in Act 2. Every time I start playing and try to get back into it, I usually lose interest after 30 minutes so progress has been slow.

- Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD: This is a space shooter that was ported from mobile platforms to the PC. It's quite fun as an in-between snack and I felt like space gaming after the Star Citizen campaign hype.

- SWTOR: Currently just in an installed state and not playing anymore. Played quite a lot of this during the summer/fall. Finally got my character (Jedi Knight) to level 50 and went through the daily/FP gear grind.
Basically quit when I realized that I wasn't going anywhere w/o an ops group, i.e. ideally joining a guild and teaming up for regular raids.
I'm really not into that kind of hardcore commitment so I may be going back to SWTOR once they release the expansion in spring to play some more class story but other than that I think I'm "done" with this game.

- Guild Wars 2/Planetside 2: Installed but currently not playing. Got a low level character in both games and really want to get back into it some time but Dragon Age has priority now.

- The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth: This is an iPhone/iPad online game that I'm playing on my phone on the side and at work. It's free (with the usual in-app shop, of course) and quite reminiscent of the Anno/Stronghold games. Definitely a city/castle builder and it's a fun diversion (especially at work). I'm currently at level 13 and busy researching, building, upgrading my little realm. A few workmates are playing this as well and we got our little alliance going so should be fun to see where this takes us…
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