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December 29th, 2012, 00:49
Originally Posted by Kefka View Post
So I guess you feel you just can't go back to those game, because all those issue are solved via mods now a days? I mean somethings I never even dealt with, for example I never played Oblivion with the horrible level scaling people speak of, there where decent mods out whiten weeks of its release that solved that also I should mention I never play Beth games at release I always wait a bit so there are some decent mod choices. But you may wish to consider going back and trying OB or MW, things are much better now in regards to the issues you mentioned.
I'd go back to Morrowind if the issues were fixed, but they're not. There are no mods that fix the models, animations, combat system or dialogue system of Morrowind. No mods that I'm aware of, anyway.

As for Oblivion, there are some mods that fix some of the issues - and I have gone back to it for that reason. I completed it with a lot of mods a year or so ago, and it was ok. Nothing compared to Skyrim, though.

As for the Fallouts I like both about the same. I thought some things New Vegas did a bit better other things 3 did a bit better and with mods things just about evened out. Still annoys me though how Obsidian managed to make New Vegas with worse graphic than Fallout 3(from a technical perspective, personally I really like the western motif much more than D.C waste but that is an artistic thing).

Also the western thing is where most of the Fallouts take place, 3 is the exception. 1,2 and NV all had kind of a western vibe, not that this matter if you don't like that motif of course.
To each his own. I never liked the post-apoc setting at all - but found Fallout 3 the best implementation of it. Probably because it had the most "sci-fi" feel of them all - and I like sci-fi a lot.

Yeah, I think New Vegas is vastly inferior in terms of overall aesthetics and world design. When you add all the visual glitches and bugs - it becomes too much for me to appreciate. Which is sad, because I really liked the writing and found the story somewhat appealing - if a bit dull at times.




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