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December 29th, 2012, 09:22
Originally Posted by Kefka View Post
A lot more realistic than Morrowind!
No, it's not. Simply having the option to choose between 2 or 3 different replies is not more realistic.

Unless you're only talking about having voice acting vs having just text. Then it becomes a bit more subjective. As I've said before, voice acting doesn't make a significant difference to me. The main reason is because the actors used often don't match well with the look of the character. Quite often I find myself imagining a certain character sounding much differently than the voice given to him/her.

Then of course there are also the times when the voice acting is just plain bad. In either instance, I'd rather have just text and be able to use my imagination instead of having my immersion broken.

Originally Posted by Kefka View Post
But either way in general people don't want to read people "speaking" they want to hear them speak because that is realistic, that is what people actually do. Text for major games is a thing of the past and I happy for that, games get better as time goes on
Except that voice acting hasn't made games "better". That's completely subjective. Some people prefer it, some people don't. If every voice-over was done well enough to increase immersion, then yeah. That's not the reality though.
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