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December 29th, 2012, 14:54
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
Great argumentation there.

It is fairly easy to see all the strategical dimension in this game which is about taking and developping strategies to win a sector, strategies that have to be decided in real time.
Real Time Strategy, just as so many Paradox games are.

It is fairly less easy to see where the role playing is.
I disagree. Compared to games like Diablo, this is as much of an RPG as those are, the gameplay is much closer to your average ARPG than to a RTS like starcraft or Sins of a Solar empire if you want a space likeness. The RTS goes on behind the scenes, you're not controlling anything else than your spaceship, the only "strategy" part is what race you choose to help.

If on the other hand you define RPG as actually playing a role, more akin to the infinity games than Diablo, then no, Drox Op. is not an RPG. Neither is Diablo, Torchlight and a whole lot of other loot-fests. I tend to agree with this view, as those games are not what *I* look for in my RPG's. But it's still commonly accepted that even ARPG's are RPG's.

Drox Op. is absolutely an action RPG, not a RTS.
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