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December 29th, 2012, 22:43
One thing I definitely don't like about Daggerdale (based on the demo), is that in co-op mode, it's competitive. Meaning the first person to pick up the loot gets the stuff and if player 1 picks up everything, well, player 2 is just screwed then.

In Sacred 2 the loot is reserved for each party member, meaning player 1 can't just pick everything up if it's reserved for player 2. I really like this approach because it guarantees equal loot for all the party members. Daggerdale is the exact opposite and it's every man for themselves.

Thankfully my dad and I share and have no problem working together, but this definitely puts ranged classes at a disadvantage. Melee fighters will pick up all the loot because they are close to the dead bodies, whereas the ranged fighters won't pick up anything because the melee dudes got to it first. Not sure why they went this direction but eh, it's something we'll have to live with and work out if you're playing with a buddy.

Hopefully you don't ever play with any greedy melee people .
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