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December 30th, 2012, 02:58
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Nah.. I think it's a little more obvious this time. You clearly stated above that it was time to "get back on topic", but then you decided to reply to a post that had nothing to do with you.
I don't reply based on personal relevance - but based on topic relevance. The topic was spoken versus text-based dialogue, and I considered it a done deal until you came back.

So yeah, after several people asked to get back on topic, you dropped back in and you had to have the last word as always. That's one bit of hypocrisy.

Then you went ahead and told Kefka what was required before he could try to claim what was objectively true. That's another bit of hypocrisy.

So, you're kinda extra hypocritical.

I also doubt there are many here who are involved in these types of circle jerks as much as you seem to be on a weekly basis. I'd even say many of us have come to expect it.
I'm not sure I'm much of a match for you, but if it helps you to have the majority back you up - I won't get in the way of you speaking for them. I know how you like to take advantage of how the wind blows

I'm amazed on how fixated you are with that one statement. You've managed to turn it into your main point even though it actually has very little to do with the original topic. My intent was only to point out how using the "majority prefers" angle is usually just an effort to obtain the upper hand in a debate. We'll just go ahead and say I'm silly for saying it though.
You really do amaze easily, don't you

If you didn't actually mean what you said - then there's nothing to talk about.

I'll go ahead and let you have the last word.




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