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December 30th, 2012, 03:25
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You should just speak for yourself. Pretending to know what the majority prefers isn't going to strengthen your argument. If voice acting ever evolves to the point where every character has a unique voice that's well done, then you can try to claim it's objectively better. Right now it's a mixed bag any way you look at it.

I think we've went in enough circles for now though.
I never said that because the majority prefer it it means it better. Early in this thread I talk about how subjective these things where and for me personally I use the indicator of lots of people(say sales) and critical acclaim to determine if something is good or not separate from my personal opinion when it comes to thing that are not clear facts(like say evolution or gravity). In that case I was arguing about Skyrim being a great game, while at the same time saying Batman AC was also a great game, even though I personally don't like it. But both got great sales and great critical acclaim.

There is a reason company's spend so much money on voice acting, so much money on graphics because the majority want it that way. There is a group of gamers that voice there opinion that graphics don't matter, voiced dialog does not matter,etc I don't have any data but I think its clear to me that voiced dialog(and better graphics) are an evolution of gaming and for most people a good thing.

I do see flaws of course,while I don't think I have played a "mainstream" game with voice acting so bad I would prefer text, I do understand how annoying it can be for some. Though I also see these problem with text,take Morrowind, you hear the person greet you say an Orc or Khajit, then you when you start reading the generic dialog its all in perfect English, that was not very immersive to me. That kind of stuff should have just gone into more books imo.

And even when we can have good unique voices for all character in games, I would guess there will still be people that want text(because they want to use there imagination or whatever). All this talk makes me wonder if there a group of people that thought sound with films was not so great, that color film was bad(I know many directors took there sweet time getting interested in it) or any other "innovation" when it comes to creative media.
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