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December 30th, 2012, 09:01
The sheer number of quests in this game is, as Warmark said, mind-blowing. Usually, i like to be a little bit more in-touch w/ my quests - i read/listen to everything, try and find things on my own instead of looking for a map marker. Not w/ this game, after a while it's simply click on the NPC w/ the question mark, get the general gist of the quest, then move on to the nearest map marker (there's clusters of them everywhere!).

At least the world is interesting to explore. That's one thing the Sacred games have always had over the competition, a wide-open world to explore. You arent simply herded from closed-in sector after sector, the game world is totally open for you to explore and there's cool stuff spread out all over the place.

I am finding quite a few problems w/ bugs tho. Nothing serious yet (knock on wood) but for instance I find that suddenly I cannot sell, or even equip anything. I reload the game, everything works fine. Suddenly the map doesnt work anymore, i reload the game, and it works again. It wouldnt be such an annoyance if the game put you right back where you were, but when you reload youre plopped back on your last respawn marker. It also takes a while to load up, doesnt help.
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