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December 30th, 2012, 09:07
Fluent, how exactly did you get your old man to play? I've been trying to explain to my parents that they're missing out on something great, a new art form. The answer of such people is usually that they don't have time, but then they continue to play Farmville or some crap for the whole evening.

I'm playing the new XCOM and I'm quite impressed. I really enjoy the pacing of building your base and going to missions. The UFO lore, from what I've seen, is mostly made up, but there are occasions where you can see that someone did his or her research, as in the instance where the scientist says that the ETs had a hard time altering the eyes of the Thin Men to look human.

I was under the impression that XCOM Enemy Unknown would be somewhat bland, but now I understand that the game is full of little touches that makes it come to life. I researched a new type of armor and I get an awesome cutscene of a soldier trying it on with appropriate comments. If there's one thing I hate more that dungeon crawling, it's probably otherwise good strategy games with no real campaigns.
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