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December 30th, 2012, 10:30
Some more impressions from a night spent playing Daggerdale.

I find the combat to be very satisfying and fun. It's very fun to play as a Rogue and try to hit everything at distance with a bow, while my dad melee tanks everything.

So far the game has been pretty challenging too. We have consistently ran out of health potions and are dying at certain parts. I like that.

Enemy roll call has been okay so far. Goblins and undead mainly. A few of the higher level enemies have been cool, like Skeleton captains and undead that set you on fire.

Graphics look good to me. Yes, you're in a cave, so it's a little dreary, but it's not that big of a deal. I kind of like being in the Dwarven mines. It's a pretty cool location.

Quests have been okay too. Nothing mindblowing but solid. So far it's been, "you do something for me in order for me to do something for you". It keeps things moving.

The leveling up system is wonderful. I love putting points into things and Daggerdale has a nice assortment of skills and abilities to use and level up.

The loot is also fantastic. Picked up some nice pieces thus far and the merchants are carrying some unique purple loot that is pretty expensive. Trying to balance our current loadout while saving for the good stuff is pretty fun.

It's kind of tough to wrap my head around the D&D lingo, so a few times I had to look things up online. I really like how +1 is a big deal in D&D. So a fire resist +1 against undead that set you on fire is actually very useful in the early going. All the loot with these bonuses seem useful whichever way you want to equip your character.

I dunno, maybe I'm easily impressed and my bar for what makes a good game is set low. Maybe I just enjoy most games for what they are. Whatever the case, Daggerdale is huge fun for me and my dad. It's got a certain charm to it that will keep us coming back until we beat it, and probably have us beat it with a few characters to experience all the playstyles.

For $15 I am very happy. To anyone who was on the fence about trying it, hopefully I can convince you to at least give it a shot. It's really not a bad game.

I'll post more as I play more.
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