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December 30th, 2012, 11:53
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
oh, the quick save is good to know. I just saw the "save and exit" option on hitting escape.
I know it may sound like heresy to some, but I'm kinda enjoying this game more than D3. Im cruising around on a mount doing mounted combat. Total customization of the abilities, combos that save some clicks in the heat of the moment. Wide open map.Lots of armor option and style, customizatin w/ forging. The rune system leaves open some customization and tweakng.
Well I am huge fan of ARPGs I have more than 500+ hours with Titan quest(mostly with mods) 200+ hours with S1/2 and D2 each and I didn't buy D3 nor do I have intent to do it at any point.Very limited character building options,and lack of skill tree makes D3 no deal for me.I enjoy making interesting and complex builds and playing with stats.From mechanic standpoint and character building TQ significantly better but as already being said S2 has bigger, open and more interesting world to explore thing I hope to see in ARPGs more often (grim dawn promised such thing let's hope it delivers).Also S3 isn't being developed by same guys so while I don't know what quality game will be I doubt it will be done with same amount of enthusiasm(600+ quests,hundreds of graves each with it's on unique inscription dozens of lore book including orcish cookbook).
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