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December 30th, 2012, 15:00
About ten hours in. Great game!

I've gone with a party of two knights, a mage, and a cleric. This is working well so far. The knights can do a load of damage charging in with cleave / whirlwind etc.

I agree with the cons and pros above - my thoughts:

- it would be useful to have an autosave on map transition - mainly because I keep forgetting to save and the game keeps killing me!
- Lack of thief class is a bit sad, there are lots of traps in the game where a thief would have been cool. Having said that, the game focus is mainly about combat and I've never really been a fan of the d&d backstabbing rules.
- the rest system is brilliant. It caught me completely by surprise in the orc stockade, where I spammed all my best spells in early fights without realising that I wouldn't be able to rest…. and then found myself having to find increasingly inventive ways of using my characters to win further fights. By the end of that section I'd used every wand and spell and tactic I could imagine, and was going around with two characters on 1HP and a fighter blinded by glitterdust. I was getting desperate to find a campsite!!! Great stuff though, cos it forced me to try different tactics rather than just spamming the usual spells etc.
- using wands outside of combat is a bit fiddly (as are spells for that matter).
- characters seem to level up a bit too quickly early on - would prefer a slower progression.

Might add some more thoughts when I've beaten it….
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