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December 30th, 2012, 16:54
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
The main problem with the game is if you have played 1 hour you have seen 99% of what the game has to offer.
Hmm. My experience has been a bit different so far. It seems to me that the game keeps introducing new elements the further I advance.

It's the small things that I like. Goblins pushing a boulder down a hill at you and you have to dodge it. Helping a blacksmith in need and having him forge an item for you. A little twist in the story that keeps things interesting. Attacking a goblin camp and having to fight hordes of goblins and then finally the goblin chief as well. Talking to someone and triggering a cut-scene which gives you more exposition on the story. Little things.

It's got enough of those little moments that keep things from getting stale.

And I'm actually surprised at how decent the story is turning out. I expected less but it's really quite addictive and immersive. The story is good enough to keep the game interesting and keep you going on to the next task.

I dunno. Like I said, I just enjoy the games for what they are. I try not to be too cynical or whatever and just have fun. Thus far, the game is fun, so I'm a happy guy .

Highly recommended for any fans of loot-fest, hack n' slash RPGs!
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