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December 30th, 2012, 18:13
Im now convinced Sacred 2 is a better game than Diablo 3.

It pains me to type those words, and i do enjoy Diablo3, but when the rubber hits the road Sacred2 has far more customization, better and more varied ranged combat, more camera options, far more weapon and armor styles, mounted combat, open exploration, more well-designed areas and impressive terrain… It's just a better game experience.

Now it takes longer to get going in Sacred, the game starts out painfully slow and clunky, and theres zero hand-holding so youre going to be googling a lot. Beginning a game in Diablo 3 will initially sweep you off your feet and the mix of nostalgia and nice graphics and sound will carry you thru the easy process of getting started in what amounts ti a very simple game design. But if you stick with it, Sacred i belive is a far deeper and more satisfying arpg overall.
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