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December 30th, 2012, 20:48
Originally Posted by Kefka View Post
I tend to agree. The poster below you mentioned certain kinds of games where voices acting is not dominant. And while I don't tend to play games like that(mostly rpg's for me) I can see how voice acting would not a have a big impact in those games. But I was speaking strictly of games like GTA, Most rpg's or any other narrative heavy game with a lot of personal interaction.
Yeah, a lot of games wouldn't suffer much from having no voice acting - but they would almost never actually be better without it - if there's dialogue delivery. Except, perhaps, for a certain kind of roleplaying game and the player character. I'm rarely bothered by having my character voiced - but I can appreciate that some people are.

As for Dark Soul's, I think an easy mode would be a nice addition. Many artistic mediums these days are subject to a wide ranges of uses very different from the original vision. Photoshopping, modding, music sampling like used in a lot of rap music or just people do there own versions of songs, etc, there are group that dramatically edit movies for certain kind of Christan audience.
Well, I'm personally not a fan of difficulty levels - because it takes the design and balance out of the hands of the developers and into the hands of the players - to an extent. This assumes that the player can make a fully qualified choice without having actually played the game before - and that's largely impossible. So, you never end up with a pure experience, and you'll inevitably start to doubt whether it's too hard or too easy. I hate that - and I just want the game as it was envisioned, and I don't want any doubts that I'm not experiencing the game to its full potential.

So, I'm a great fan of how Dark Souls is handling it - and I think it's a brave design choice - because it WILL reduce the potential audience.

Then again, I think it's fantastic when designers go for the art, rather than the commerce. It's a risk - but I do think it can pay off big time. Sometimes, it can even turn casual/mainstream gamers into enthusiast gamers - because they might like the game enough to put forth the extra effort.

In my opinion, the developers of Dark Souls should focus on the kind of experience they want the players to have - and they should not be too concerned by people who're not able to enjoy it. I don't think all games should be for everyone - and I actually think games are much better when being developed as something the designers would play, rather than what they think the players might want.




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