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December 30th, 2012, 21:31
txa1265, fair enough. I didn't play any MMOs or FPSs in my formative years and therefore can't really understand them.

My problem here though is people wasting their time when clearly a superior form of entertainment exists. In a hundred years they will write popular books and documentaries on the history of games, read by everyone. The people who refuse to accept games now will be even more clueless and alienated in several decades.

I don't like FPSs or some popular hits like FO3 or WoW, but I make a conscious effort to try them. In most cases I do come to like games that I previously disliked. So when someone chooses to play Farmville or sit in front of a TV when they're aware that such great technology is available, it pisses me off with no end. Sometimes when you show them a good game, they're naturally impressed (as we all are, curiosity should start a storm in the brain), but then immediately go to another room to watch a shitty sitcom. These people would fail to discover fire if they would get burnt by it.
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