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December 30th, 2012, 21:12
There are some really nice bits of lore in the game, too. If she's a fan of D&D or action RPGs like Diablo, she'll like it.

But dude, don't let the reviews fool you. This game IS great. It really is.

The production values are very nice for an indie title. I like the little quest cut-scenes that play when you enter the destination of a quest. When you reach your target a little cut-scene will usually play and show what's happening in that area. It's a cool, small touch that goes a long way.

I'm honestly just baffled by the negative reviews. I know I said that already, but I truly am. This game is just as good as any major release action RPG. Just as good! Don't believe me, go play it.

If you're a fan of those Diablo-type games, as I said before, you really can't miss this one. It's Diablo meets Dungeons and Dragons.

And it's so damn easy to play. I love that. No long, drawn out menus, no extra, unnecessary button presses. Everything is ergonomic and exactly where it should be. I know a lot of people overlook that stuff in games but to me it's very apparent that this game was meant to be a user friendly experience. Which, when playing games with a co-op partner, is huge.

Just an example, but it's so easy to compare your current equipment to what the shopkeepers have. A little detail, sure, but it's just a joy to use. It's also very easy to navigate the map and determine where you need to go. You're never lost. Objectives are clearly defined. Simple, straight-forward, no BS.

The dialog gets the same treatment here as well. No, it's not "War and Peace", but it's solid, to the point, no beating around the bush. It comes in one or two sentences at a time. No long paragraphs to mull over, just simple dialog. It works extremely well. It gets you into the experience without ever being "too much".

It's just a very well put together game. Again, totally baffled that Gamespot actually gave it a 4/10. Unbelievable.

Were they playing the same game???

I just wish these guys got a crack to make another one of these. A sequel would be amazing. Anything. I need more games like this in my life, that's for sure.
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