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December 30th, 2012, 23:05
Just finished it. Took about 10 hours.

While I don't share Fluent's love for the game, it is decent and much better than the reviews imo. I'd say a 7 out of 10. (in today's inflated rating system)

After opening the red seal the game does get more varied and has more cut scenes, which is nice.

Other than some missing textures I had zero bugs. I don't remember any when I briefly played it at release either, so i'm not sure why that was such an issue.

The difficulty is way to easy. I died once in the entire game if I don't count the 2 times I died in the final battle because I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do and they totally change the game mechanics for the final boss. I won't go in to it too much as not to spoil anything.

There are things like the boulder scene Fluent references but really it's in a cave you explored numerous times, you get a 5 second cut scene of goblins pushing a boulder then you need to move about 5 feet to dodge then your back to fighting the same goblins you fought for the first 3 hours plus 1 goblin chief. (which is still a goblin, sadly)

As someone who grew up playing D&D the feats they decided to include are rather uninspiring and as I said before given that they have countless numbers of monsters to pick from the monster manuals the lack of different monster types is disappointing.

The ending was obviously set up for a sequel and as Fluent said I wish they had the chance to make one. A little more variety would make it a very nice hack n slash.

If you go in to it with the right mind set and are only looking for a hack n slash there is fun to be had. Just don't expect too much it was only $15 at release and for that some I think it's a good effort.

If anyone is up to the challenge I saw on steam that no one has ever gotten the achievement for getting all classes to level 10. I don't think I will be the first.

Come on Fluent, you can do it.
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