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December 30th, 2012, 23:15
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
That is an assumption based on personal bias I mean, it would be pretty easy to state that since music as an art has been shown to have positive impact on society, as well as on the cognitive, spatial and reasoning abilities of individuals that IT is superior, and that by playing ANY game rather than engaging in music you are wasting time.

Thing is, while I think it is possible to debate artistic merit (and many would disagree), debating entertainment value is um, wrong. Entertainment value is based solely on how much one is entertained, and is a wholly subjective metric. I tend towards 'high brow' in music and books, but have never considered my taste in movies and TV at all on the artsy side. For games, I like everything from hidden object & tower defense to the biggest sprawling RPGs and FPS games.

Trying to assign labels of superiority on what one finds entertaining is not just a waste of time, it is insulting and wrong.
I agree completely

Gaming is certainly not an inherently superior form of entertainment. That's just stupid.

I love it and I find it superior to pretty much all forms of consumption-based entertainment - but that's just me.




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