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December 30th, 2012, 22:43
Originally Posted by The Walkin' Dude View Post
I find games to be superior because they combine all previous forms of arts. Writing, art, music - all contribute to the whole. Furthermore, your brain is constantly challenged and involved. This is the simple reason why anyone and everyone can enjoy games, while a field of art separately requires a specific interest. However, a person who is interested in some field of art can nevertheless find a goldmine in games, as confirmed by countless game music vidoes on youtube.

Particularly game music is appreciated by gamers since it evokes emotions and memories of an actual world they experienced - of characters that they "talked" with. When you combine different art forms, not only is the whole strengthened, but the separate arts are enhanced, too.
It's ok that you think that having forms of art combined is better than experiencing forms of art separately, but unfortunately it's not an objectively proven fact - and that's why you could never call gaming objectively superior without being ignorant.

Personally, I don't think games are as moving as books or movies can be - because as opposed to movies - they're not dealing with actual human beings and therefore will be harder to make a direct connection with, and as opposed to books - your imagination is a lesser factor, and it tends to be the most powerful factor when it comes to giving weight to an experience that's not based in reality.

But games are more entertaining to me, because they're cerebrally engaging on a very high level - and I love being challenged and I love the process of making many decisions in a short amount of time, which is basically what gameplay tends to be about. That can keep me engaged for much longer and stay interesting.

However, I know people who're NOT entertained by that kind of challenge and who're not interested in constant decision-making. Those people are not inferior or "wrong" because they don't enjoy what I enjoy, they're simply different.

So, it's really arrogant and ignorant to claim gaming as an inherently superior form of entertainment.




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