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December 30th, 2012, 23:08
Very nice write-up, Sakichop.

I just
, and that little twist was quite surprising and interesting. That's the type of thing that's been happening all game, which is why I disagreed with you when you said you've seen everything there is in the game in the first hour.

The game is pretty easy, no question, although my dad died a few times and I've come close a few times, but it's not as challenging as the first run-in with undead would make it seem.

However, this game won major points with me when I went through
That was fantastic!! I loved it.

Playing as a rogue is a visceral experience. You get to dodge out of the way of attacks and pick off enemies with your bow. I really like the rogue's playstyle.

Still, it would have been nice to be able to play on a harder difficulty level, or just have the normal setting be harder. I am having that same issue with Sacred 2, although Sacred 2 at least has 5 difficulty levels, and we're only playing on the 2nd lowest until we unlock the others.

I doubt we will get all classes to level 10, simply because when we're done with this play-through, chances are we will be going back to Sacred 2, or possibly on to Dungeon Siege 3. We probably won't replay Daggerdale for awhile. That's just because we usually play a game once and then it's on to something else, only to come back much later and play through it again with a fresh mind.

But the game is wonderful. I never expected it to be this solid. It actually feels like a full-fledged $60 game to me. Of course, it might be a bit short overall, but there's some replay value for sure. Well worth the $15.
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