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December 31st, 2012, 00:52
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Personally, I don't think games are as moving as books or movies can be - because as opposed to movies - they're not dealing with actual human beings and therefore will be harder to make a direct connection with, and as opposed to books - your imagination is a lesser factor, and it tends to be the most powerful factor when it comes to giving weight to an experience that's not based in reality..
Further to this, while gaming combines various media and art types, they are all in service of a gameplay experience. When you love game music, it is ALWAYS because it evokes the gameplay elements and situations you loved. Same for the story, characters and so on.

Most of these are fairly thin compared to books, 'real' musical compositions and even movies - but when combined into an interactive and occasionally evolving scenario produce an incredibly satisfying experience.

Like DArtagnan, I love gaming - and as I mentioned I was playing games on an Apple ][+ as the 80s were just dawning … but they are just one form of entertainment and enrichment. I certainly don't believe they are a source of evil as some would like to portray them, but neither are they 'better' than anything else.

I do love how the social elements have evolved (even if I seldom use them) - my son and his best friend were video calling over FaceTime while simultaneously playing together on XBOX Live … cool stuff.
-- Mike
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