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December 31st, 2012, 01:22
One thing that I dont like about the game is that the view,its slightly too low. When zoomed down to almost over-the-shoulder its slightly off, youre basically staring at the ground. When zoomed fully in you can barely see anything that isnt downhill, i wanted to play the game in 3rd person at times. I spent a couple hours, painfully trying out setting after setting in the config file, and came up w/ the right configuration to have it perfectly 3rd person behind the player when zoomed in like an action game, and back out to long view when zoomed out. You have way more control over the depth w/ this setting, ive been playing about 3 hours like this and it works good. The model textures for the game are awesome, i'm surprised how good things look close-up and in this view.

It's only one number in the config file, it's very easy to change. It makes riding around on a mount a lot more fun, using wasd, riding around w/ my druid picking things off w/ the blowgun is great!

So basically, see the pics below and if you want to try it, I'll post the settings here.

go into the config file at c:\Documents and Settings\SharpStick\Local Settings\Application Data\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2\options.txt

save your original, then alter away. I tried making the optionsCustom as the file header says, but it didnt work so I just decided to use the original and make a backup.

So anyways, edit the setting:
cam1_rotx_min = -0.48,

set it as shown, turn it down to to:
cam1_rotx_min = -0.15,

Enjoy the game in 3rd person!
Watch out tho, it can get dangerous quick if youre not used to it.
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