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December 31st, 2012, 03:39

Most difficulty modes are a total afterthought, there just stat adjustments so I disagree that is would have any effect on the game. Easy mode, 50% more dmg done, or 50% less dmg taken, whatever very simple. Of course this is all hypothetical because if they did have easy mode(and hard mode as well) you could argue that we might never know if they had an effect or not on the design process.

As for making games just for my taste, actually I don't want them to do what is best for me but best for everyone, my taste can be quite odd, if TES games where made just how I wanted them they might not make nearly as much money and TES cost a lot to make they need that money. So what I want them and all game makers to do is make modding more accessible then everyone wins. For example Dark Soul's for me I can play modded yay! And TES games I can mold into basically my perfect rpg(or as close as is probable going to happen).

@JDR13, there comparable as far as impact whiten that industry.
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