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December 31st, 2012, 05:28
I'm certainly slowing down as a gamer these days; didn't get to play as many as I'd like in 2012. My list would probably resemble something like:

1. Knights of the Chalice (Just the wonderful turn based combat alone made it the most infectious to play and fully appreciate. A real gem.)

2. Legend of Grimrock (Have to agree with others' sentiments in this thread on this great game. Seeing this genre come alive once more in this way was very gratifying to experience.)

3. Avernum: Escape from the Pit (My first Spiderweb game and a very lengthy and satisfying one at that. A party based open world with turn based combat? Yes please!)

4. Risen 2. I was never as immersed as I was with the first game; illustrated by the fact that I took a break from the game earlier in the year after finding the combat so different from what I loved about Risen. Still, when I had the time to devote to it, I found those familiar PB touches that I love liberally scattered throughout and still managed to enjoy the game.

5. Skyrim. It's TES. It's big, open yet not particularly fulfilling. Just not quite enough player agency to affect change in the world for my taste. I played two characters, none of them achieving especially high levels due to the overall lack of role-playing opportunities content wise. Still, I'm yet to build a mage, which will warrant a final DLC oriented playthrough.

6. Eschalon: Book I. When work was most heavy, I was playing this in very small doses and despite the repetitious nature of the combat, really liked the exploration and distinct gameplay style. I finished it and immediately installed the demo for Book II.

Disappointment of the year: Rage. Still playing: Dark Souls, Devil Whiskey…I can't even get to 10!
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