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December 31st, 2012, 10:00
It seems it has been a dry year for rpgs. Last year we had witcher 2, skyrim and DX: hr plus other great games. I haven't yet played dishonored so I cannot comment it. Same goes for Mass effect 3 which I'm sure is a fun game to play through.

The best games I've played this year

1. Legend of grimrock is likely the best rpg this year for me atleast. Its old fashioned, but not akward to play. I found this little gem quite entertaining to play. This kind of gameplay has been absent for many years, hopefully the success of grimrock shows the light for other devs. Old school dungeon crawler can succeed.

2. LA Noire: Great old fashioned detective story, great atmosphere and surprisingly innovative gameplay. Not perfect by any means and some technological aspects leave a lot to be desired (its an obvious console port), but definitely a game which surprised me in a good way.

3. Assasin creed brotherhoord & Assasin creed: revolutions. Nothing groundbreaking here, but ubisoft has honed assasin creed series gameplay to near perfect. And whats best, every game seems to be getting better. Instead of stripping down features, they actually build on great foundation and keep adding more stuff. I haven't yet played ACIII, so if it fails, I cannot say. In any case so far AC games have all been well worth of my money. I only wish the games were harder.

4. Dead Space 1: I'm late, but I truly recommand this game. I had some issues with controls, but a bit of tweaking everything turned alright. Thanks JDR for help! I already picked up the sequel, but haven't had time to play it yet.

5. Black mesa: isn't it amaizing what bunch of dedicated fans can do? The perfect recreation of half life 1. It also shows how great half-life 1 was back in the day.

6. Put kotor 2's restoration mod on kotor 2, and it is a game it was ment to be. Content was restored and bugs were fixed, now its a joy to play through. Not really a full game, but I had such a blast replaying kotor 2 that it ended on this list.

7. Tribes Ascend. I've always loved tribes series' fast pace, vivid space visuals and it's tactical team oriented gameplay. Tribes 1 and tribes 2 are considered as classic fps titles, maybe even ahead of their own time. Anyhow bad stuff happened and tribes series went downhill untill Hirez studios picked it up last year and released their new tribes game: Tribes ascend. It takes an advantage of f2p model, so anyone can pick it up and try it out. Don't be afraid new blood (lvl 1-10) have their own servers, so you won't be crushed immediately

8. Skyrim (Dawnguard). Heck the fact that a mere dlc makes my best 2012 list, tells how few great rpgs have been this year. If i had to name the rpg i've played most..well it would be SKYRIM. Dawnguard dlc (as fun as it was) was really just an excuse to put it on my list again

9. Lotr: war in the north. An action rpg that slipped under my radar. Maybe its because of all the hobbit hype and because I recently rewatched lotr films, but I really had fun time playing this title. A guilty pleasure indeed

10. Baldur's gate Extended.

11. Risen 2: While I actually had a lot fun playing it through this year, I can't help myself not thinking how it could have been so much better if piranha bytes had done some things differently.

-Poor combat system (both melee and ranged). This is a travesty when you think how fun combat risen 1 had.
-Removal of magic system without proper explanation and replacing it with voodoo. If this was pb's vision, I feel very sorry for them. Voodoo in risen 2 is a one trick pony at best.
-weak lore: gothic games made sense and even risen 1 to some extent, but risen 2 doesn't. Its illogical because it has very few things common with risen1. Like how firearms were suddently invented and how mages were banished. I could go on and on, but I spare you guys from my silly drivel about this subject.
-More linear gameworld design was quite a dissapointment from a studio whose trademark has been open gameworld.
-Horrible QTEs. There is no excuse for stuff like this. Just because modern games use qtes, it doesn't mean you have to use them. If someone jumps from a bridge, does it mean that you have to follow him?
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