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December 31st, 2012, 14:11
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I don't really feel like going in endless circles here.

But, I'll try again.

You can't just expect Dark Souls to work as an experience with a 50% reduction in terms of damage done or taken. A lot of the challenge in the game is not about damage, but about timing and outright death. If you don't die when you make a mistake - when that's what's supposed to happen - you risk never being in any real danger. Everything is carefully tuned to make you die or put you in serious risk.

Easy mode could end up being a god mode and it wouldn't actually be a good thing for anyone.

I don't think the game is a good fit for an easy mode. If people don't want to die when they make a mistake, then it's simply not the game they should play.

However, if they REALLY want a sloppily implemented easy mode that won't affect the pure experience on normal mode - then I don't mind it. I just don't really believe that's what they want. Frankly, I think people want an easy mode because they don't respect or even want the kind of game Dark Souls really is. So, just stay away from it - would be my advice.

No, that's not what you seem to actually want. I've tried explaining why making games for everyone would likely reduce the quality for a significant portion of the audience - myself included. I've also tried explaining that what people seem to want - will not always result in something they actually want, and this becomes more true as you try to target people with less experience in game design.

Modding is great - but it's not a trivial thing to develop for. I think it's something every developer should keep in mind, but I don't want it to compromise the development process or end up as the wrong priority for development.

Ideally, I'd rather want a pure experience than a watered down experience that is easy to mod. That's because I don't think mods can easily repair a broken vision.

But, anyway, this is becoming cyclical. We obviously don't agree about how easy it is to implement difficulty modes - and you don't agree that targeting everyone is a potentially big problem. That's fair enough - and we don't have to agree.
I think my key point here is your guessing that people don't want some tacked on easy mode, when in fact people are playing Dark Soul and enjoying it with what basically amounts to a tacked on easy mode(via cheat engine mod).

I agree that some people don't really seem to know what they want, for example many people that like TES, say Oblivion or Skyrim, say they hate fast travel, yet these same people use it anyway and then say they want an option to turn it off, they even download mods to do so. For me I find this confusing if you really like playing the game without fast travel, why are you fast traveling? I played Oblivion, Fallout 3/NV for 100 hours each before I started using fast travel, I did not need a off button because it was more fun for me to not use it and once it got to the point where the path had been worn out and it was not so fun to run every where, I started using it, easy as that.

I also agree that that dev should make there own game, the game they want, not the game I want, or other people want. But I do see there come a point where(esp after the first game in a series) where feedback from fans I think should be taken into consideration, where adding some common convinecce options would not water down the core game, when it comes to Dark Soul many fans don't want an easy mode, so I understand them not adding one. But I also think they could add an easy mode(or at least allow a console to be enable on pc) with very little difficulty(i.e dev time/cost) and it would only help the game not hurt.

But as you said we have both made our points. The biggest one for me is that people should not assume what other people will or won't like. There are people that enjoy Dark Soul's modded to be easier, it may seem odd to most Dark Sou's players but it is what it is. Just like the people that mod TES games in to some kind of abomination that I would hate to play(and would dramatically hurt the game sales wise if the vanilla game was like that) I don't assume they don't really know what they want(even though I do think that sometimes people really are confused about what makes a game fun for them).

Anyway I am glad you where able to maintain a civil tone, its so annoying when people can't discuss things in a reasonable manner.
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