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December 31st, 2012, 14:38
Originally Posted by Kefka View Post
I think my key point here is your guessing that people don't want some tacked on easy mode, when in fact people are playing Dark Soul and enjoying it with what basically amounts to a tacked on easy mode(via cheat engine mod).
Sure, if people really enjoy that sort of thing - and it's easy to implement without interfering with the vision, I have no problem with it. Indeed, I'm all for that.

I agree that some people don't really seem to know what they want, for example many people that like TES, say Oblivion or Skyrim, say they hate fast travel, yet these same people use it anyway and then say they want an option to turn it off, they even download mods to do so. For me I find this confusing if you really like playing the game without fast travel, why are you fast traveling? I played Oblivion, Fallout 3/NV for 100 hours each before I started using fast travel, I did not need a off button because it was more fun for me to not use it and once it got to the point where the path had been worn out and it was not so fun to run every where, I started using it, easy as that.
Oh, I find that very easy to understand.

It's like people eating too much when they know it's bad for them. It's taking the easy route for short-term enjoyment, even though you know it's going to hurt the long-term enjoyment.

People are not 100% rational in everything they do - and it's very common to do something that's actually not good for you, because it's easier or more convenient.

I don't like fast traveling as a feature - but I use it when I'm in a lazy mood or I'm not in full immersion mode. Not because it's "better" - but because I just can't be bothered to travel all the way back manually, even though it might actually be a lot more fun.

It's like when I turn down an invitation to a party, because I'm not in the mood - even though I'm fully aware that most parties turn out to be more fun than sitting around the house.

Incidentally, it's exactly the same reason I suspect some people are looking for an easy mode in Dark Souls - because it takes an investment to succeed without it. Doesn't mean an easy mode is the right way to go, though.

I also agree that that dev should make there own game, the game they want, not the game I want, or other people want. But I do see there come a point where(esp after the first game in a series) where feedback from fans I think should be taken into consideration, where adding some common convinecce options would not water down the core game, when it comes to Dark Soul many fans don't want an easy mode, so I understand them not adding one. But I also think they could add an easy mode(or at least allow a console to be enable on pc) with very little difficulty(i.e dev time/cost) and it would only help the game not hurt.
I'm pretty sure they've listened to feedback. What developer completely dismisses that? As long as they maintain their vision - they should be open to suggestions and possible improvements. Maybe they've decided that an easy mode just isn't right for the game.

But as you said we have both made our points. The biggest one for me is that people should not assume what other people will or won't like. There are people that enjoy Dark Soul's modded to be easier, it may seem odd to most Dark Sou's players but it is what it is. Just like the people that mod TES games in to some kind of abomination that I would hate to play(and would dramatically hurt the game sales wise if the vanilla game was like that) I don't assume they don't really know what they want(even though I do think that sometimes people really are confused about what makes a game fun for them).
It's definitely bad form to assume on behalf of others, we can agree on that. But I'd be lying if I claimed to believe that mainstream gamers or casual gamers understand the deeper concepts of game design and gameplay to the same extent as an enthusiast and dedicated gamer. I mean, how could they? It's not because they're stupid or inferior in any way whatsoever - they're just not as experienced with gaming and how they might respond to certain implementations of features.

So, while it may be bad form - I have to say I don't trust the average gamer over experienced developers with a clear vision. I also still don't believe that all games should be for all people.

Anyway I am glad you where able to maintain a civil tone, its so annoying when people can't discuss things in a reasonable manner.
I always try to maintain a civil tone with reasonable and honest people - which you seem to be




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