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December 31st, 2012, 17:01
Originally Posted by Mr Smiley View Post
And I think that people who ardently oppose an easy mode are way too occupied with how other people experience the game. It's either that, or they don't trust themselves to stick with the challenge if there is an easy way out.

If it's the latter, I can somehow understand the fear of succumbing to temptation. Perhaps offering an easy mode would be like offering an alcoholic a galss of whiskey, in which case we should perhaps abstain from the game, like one abstains from alcohol in the company of addicts.

But if it's the fomer, I can't understand why it should matter to anybody, how or why others play the game, or what the game is to them.
Maybe you should just read the thread and all the posts, including mine, that go into detail about the potential problems with an easy mode. Then, you don't have to speculate or conjure up a fantasy where I'm ardently against an easy mode.




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