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December 31st, 2012, 17:58
Player FEAR 2 project origin which was short and dissapointing (don't know why it requires 12GB of hard disk space?). Levels are large but linear. There are not many scares, and the enemy AI is a step back from FEAR and FEAR 3. One good thing about this game is data disks scattered throughout the levels and give a pretty good story about ALMA, her origins, her sons and so on.

Then replayed FEAR 3, and all I can say that it is my favourite FPS shooter for many years now. The shooting mechanics (and dismembering!) are solid and very satisfying, the melee combat is excellent, and the enemy AI is the best that I have seen in any FPS so far (enemy squad members shout your location to each other: 'hiding behind a crate/wall' .. etc., work together to flush you out, climb walls/structures and roll to avoid your bullets, call for help .. etc.). Enemy AI is probably the most overlooked feature in any FPS which gives a real reply value to games when utilised properly. The co-op modes are the best that I have seen as well. The co-op modes are all unique and heart stoppingly fun, and can all be played solo in practice mode. Now replying on 'Fearless' difficulty and I can't just get enough of it.
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