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December 31st, 2012, 23:02
Just beat Daggerdale.

Really liked the entire end sequence. They certainly tried something different with the ending, and it worked pretty well. Loved it.

I liked the end boss and the mechanics used. It came from nowhere and was a surprise to see what unfolded. The mechanics were something different, for sure. I do like that the game employed a bunch of different mechanics at different parts of the game. It wasn't all just "slay massive hordes of enemies", there was some other stuff sprinkled in along the way. The end sequence was no different. I enjoyed it.

Sad to see Bedlam Games has effectively went under. After the final credits rolled they showed a quick concept art of "Gamma World" which was a game they were working on. I did a little research on Gamma World and it sounded extremely promising. Very sad to see that they weren't able to finish it.

Well, on to the next one. War in the North it is (probably).

My official Daggerdale review on Gamespot. http://www.gamespot.com/dungeons-and…eviews/805548/
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